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Introverts + Music = Pure Bliss

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the majority of introverts are obsessed with music. For me at least, I can browse through the infinite lists of songs in the world, but when I come across one that its lyrics speak to it's reaching into the depths of my soul,… Continue reading Introverts + Music = Pure Bliss


Inspiration for the New Year (and Decade)

Cheer's to the New Year & Decade! May it be your BEST one yet!     No matter where you are today or what you may be thinking, today symbolizes a fresh new start and opportunity. Today is the FIRST Monday of not only the year, but of the new decade! We could sit and… Continue reading Inspiration for the New Year (and Decade)


Practical Tips for Thriving as an Introverted Mom

I have been a mother for nearly 12 years and I have learned so much about myself during these years. However, I have always known that I was introverted. That was never a doubt or question in my mind. Raising my three children (who each have their own unique personality - a mix of future… Continue reading Practical Tips for Thriving as an Introverted Mom


50 Inspirational Quotes for Mother’s

  As a mother of three, I know that being a parent is hard. It will take everything you have and then demand for more. Day in and day out you rise to take care of these beautiful souls you have brought into this world. Their needs and wants fill your head all day until… Continue reading 50 Inspirational Quotes for Mother’s