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Introverts + Music = Pure Bliss

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the majority of introverts are obsessed with music.

For me at least, I can browse through the infinite lists of songs in the world, but when I come across one that its lyrics speak to me…like it’s reaching into the depths of my soul, it’s pure bliss. Almost like they’re the words I was searching for all along that I didn’t know how to put together no matter how hard I tried. But, yet, there they are….so damn beautiful and perfect! Not out of order or stuttered over, just perfect and just for me in that exact moment.

And then I’ll listen to that song on repeat until its completely ruined in my brain….And the cycle repeats for eternity…because, why not!

Honestly, I have my own specific types of songs I like to listen to. (If my family and friends could see my playlists, they would most likely all think I was insane) They range in genres, but it’s almost like they all have a similar message or tone that I seem to be drawn to. Or maybe it’s just a feeling that I love when I hear a certain tune or maybe I’m drawn to the same message, but worded differently in each song, ya feel me?

Whatever the case may be, music is my outlet and its the perfect outlet.

Music is there for me and helps me sort out feelings I didn’t even know I was having issues sorting out. Dare I say, music is like a therapist for me. It can transport me back in time and yet have me see the future all in the same song. Music is a beautiful thing! I cannot be the only one who turns to music if you’re having a bad day, a great day or just when you want to feel something or let loose.

Music is always there for you when you need it. And bonus, you can always shut it up by turning it off when you don’t want to hear it anymore! As an introvert, that’s some dope a** power at your finger tips, too! Ha!

I will never apologize for how much I am obsessed with music. I love dancing in my house and in my car and randomly remembering a lyric to something and bursting out with song to it. I look crazy, I’m well aware. Do I care? No! I’m also the type of weirdo who will burst into song because someone says something that is an exact quote from a song that I know. Again, do I care? Nope! Carry on…

So to all my fellow introverts who love music and enjoy randomly bursting out in song because something reminded you of a song lyric…I see you, I love you, I am you! Let’s do it!

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