19 Affirmations & Inspiration For Your Weight Loss Journey

One of the things I have personally struggled with over the years after having my three children, is my weight. Stress has been playing a huge role in my life recently with so many things pulling me in different directions, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise has been an uphill battle. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably already combed the entire internet looking for every miracle/fad diet and quick fix, too! But, they don’t exist!

So for me, I like to read affirmations for inspiration and motivation. Not that the scale doesn’t provide enough of that…and if that doesn’t do the trick, the mommy muffin top surely does! But, still, I find them highly encouraging and very helpful. However, when it all boils down, you still have to put in the work and change your eating habits!

Strive for a healthy lifestyle, not “dieting”… Then you will start seeing real results that will last!! I’m right there with you!! Let’s do this!!



Here are 19 of my Favorite Affirmations for Weight Loss Inspiration! 🙂


1.) I am determined, I am fearless, I am disciplined!

2.) I am flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goals!

3.) I believe I have it in me!

4.) My success is for certain!

5.) I am strong, I am powerful, I am unstoppable!


6.) I commit today to do what it takes to succeed and take responsibility for where I am!

7.) There are no limits to what I can achieve! 

8.) I am strong in mind and body!

9.) Every day I move closer to my goal!

10.) I am healthy and full of energy!


11.) I am patient with my mind and body!

12.) I will think positive and surround myself with positive energy!

13.) I feel energetic and full of life!

14.) I am successful in whatever I do!

15.) I am proud of myself and my accomplishments, no matter how small!


16.) I am a perpetual generator of positive energy!

17.) I move in the directions of my goals!

18.) My abilities to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite!

19.) I am proud of myself!


One thought on “19 Affirmations & Inspiration For Your Weight Loss Journey

  1. I am struggling with weight loss and it helps to know what it takes for others to achieve their goals. Thanks for sharing!


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