Why Make-Up is an Essential Part of My Life as A Busy Mom

Every day is the same, I wake up and immediately go into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. I long to have a few moments of quiet to reflect on what I need to get done for the day, while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.


Now, does this mean that every day I am successful in this? No. It does not. But, for the most part, I am able to spend some quiet time with my husband and drink half of my coffee before he leaves for work. Shortly thereafter, I hear little feet pitter patter through the living room in search of breakfast to fill their hungry rumbling tummies.

Once I have them preoccupied and my coffee has been reheated and finished, I begin to get myself “ready” for the day. And, yes, for me that begins with make-up! I love the feeling it gives me and I enjoy the process of putting it on. I understand and respect that not everyone likes make-up or can wear make-up, but for me, it’s just as important as my morning coffee.




There is something about the feeling and rush of happiness I get when I gather my make-up bag and brushes and stand in front of my mirror. It isn’t that I think I need make-up and it isn’t about fitting in or any other crazy social stigma that has been placed around make-up. It’s just about my love of color and feeling pretty and the extra boost of confidence it gives me. Plain & simple.


There is a mini process I go through before applying my make-up. Rather typical and normal, but still important. I brush my teeth, then wash my face and moisturize. Then most likely after being interrupted by an argument at the breakfast table, I’ll resume and proceed to brush my hair and pull it back with a hair tie. Now the fun part begins!! ♥




After the base of my make-up is on, I feel more awake and confident. As silly as that may sound, it is what it is. When you’re a busy mom of three kids, it really is the little things. Make-up is not an essential must have in order to function in life. However, for me, it is one of those little things that I have chosen to have in my life because it makes me a happy more creative person, and I am okay with that!


Being a Mother is hard and it has its ups and downs, so when you find joy as an individual in something as simple as makeup, or a bookclub, the gym, cooking or trying new foods, then I’d say good for you! It’s important in life to have hobbies and things we really love to do and try. It makes us happier people and in return we are happier mothers! I love make-up, baking and reading inspiring books. I love to lift others up and be a source of inspiration or motivation on any level I can, because that is important to me.




Make-up for me is an expression, kind of like art. After all, you are putting colors on your face almost as if it were your canvas you show the world. It’s fun and exciting. Something new to try every day. And at the end of a long day when you wash your face, it’s a clean slate for you to try again tomorrow. Just like life. 


I have often joked about make-up as putting on my face or refer to it as war paint, but to put it boldly, it does act as a shield of confidence armor for me. Just like a brand new outfit feels or a sassy new hairstyle. It’s also important to find make-up that does not have harsh chemicals so it does not effect your health in any negative way. Now you can enjoy the harmless fun & creativity that make-up can bring into your life.




As a busy Mother, make-up has given me an outlet of time for myself and the extra confidence to face the day with all of its challenges, the good & the bad. It also brings some color into the equation. Does make-up make me a better Mom? No, I wouldn’t say it like that. It does however make me feel better as a person, and in return I think I am happier and more optimistic. I encourage my children to try new things and be creative and to help others as often as they can. To always be true to yourself no matter what. In return they each have their own uniquely wonderful personalities, and I enjoy watching them blossom daily.


Make-up is a personal choice. It is also personalized to each individual. So, whatever it is that you enjoy doing for yourself, I hope you find joy and happiness! ♥


Stay Blessed my Beautiful Mommies!

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