What’s on my Phone?


I’ll admit, I never thought I would be one to do a “What’s on my Phone?” blog post. But, hear me out. Today, there is pretty much an app for everything. Actually, there is an overwhelming amount of apps for everything. Have you ever searched for something and had so many possibilities pop up that you didn’t know which one you wanted. Perhaps, you downloaded a few of them, only to delete some of them moments later when you discovered that it wasn’t quite what you were looking for. I know I have! Tons of times. 

I’ve had people ask me before, how did I edit that photo, or how did I collage those pictures like that. Likewise, I have asked people how they got something to turn out the way it did. Its called helping others. If you have the knowledge and tools, it feels really great to be able to share that knowledge with others. It may not apply to everyone, and that’s okay. You have done your part. Now enough of all of that, and lets jump right in.

I have an iPhone X 256gb in silver. I was very skeptical at first with upgrading my trusty iPhone 6s, but so far I have had zero issues with the iPhone X. There was a lot of negative views focused around the notch at the top of the phone, and to be honest, I totally hated the idea of it. After owning this phone for two months now, I don’t even notice the notch. The case that I’m currently using is Apple’s iPhone X Leather Case in Dark Aubergine. It’s holding up nicely. Outstanding quality and durability. It’s worth the price, folks!


Now, on to the apps…

New Home Screen.PNG

Home Screen Apps

The top row is pretty much your basic apps that come with every iPhone. Camera, Photos, Calendar and the App Store. The second row, I have a small folder of my favorite apps that I use to listen to my music. I LOVE listening to music! All day, everyday. Music is always playing somewhere. I use iTunes Store, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify and the other is SoundMoovz which is an app my daughter uses. I have the Apple Music Family Sharing that I use along with my husband and oldest daughter. It’s great for downloading unlimited songs and creating albums to organize them, and up to six people can share on the plan. I also use Pandora Plus, which I literally only use for its unlimited song skip ability. It’s worth every penny. Then, of course, I have my shortcut to my website – The Introverted Mommy. ♥ Lets go ahead and address the bottom row. We have Phone, Messages, Email and my Social Media folder which has, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, KIK, Snapchat, YouTube & Facebook Messenger. All of which are self-explanatory. *I have just downloaded the MailChimp app after someone suggested it.* I’m curious to see how much I like it. See how this suggestion thing works. Pretty neat, in my opinion.

New Second Screen.PNG

Second Screen Apps

Here is where it gets slighty more crowded. We have settings, Apple Watch (I have the Apple Watch 2 and love it! I wear it daily!). Extra’s folder has the Compass, Voice Memo’s, Contacts, etc.. Kid’s folder has my children’s School/Classroom Notification apps. Second row, Games/TV folder has 8 Ball Pool (sorta addicted, not gonna lie), Redbox, Netflix, Vudu, etc. For the next folder, ~Blog/Edit~. I’ll have the blown up screenshot below so you can see it better.


It has WordPress, PicSee (which I use the most for editing photo’s/memes), Collageable, PicStitch, (which is what I always use to collage my photo’s), and Whitigram, I use mainly for Instagram photo’s as it allows me to shrink the picture down with a colored border. Next is Personal apps, Capital One, Discover, PNC, MyFitnessPal. (Extremely helpful little app.) *You consume more calories on a daily basis than you might think!* Last on this row, now that I think about it, is similar to the “Extra’s” folder. It has Reminders, Notes, Calculator, Clock, Facetime, Blah, blah, blah…

Now, we have one of the more “fun” folders, IMO. Shopping!!! First is Ulta. I can and should write an entire blog post on Ulta. I love Ulta! I have saved hundreds of dollars and received so many free products in the process. Then we have apps like Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Justice (I’m a mom of two girls remember) and Starbucks! Oh, Starbucks is another of my weaknesses. Like Ulta, Starbucks has a points system and you can earn rewards. For example…FREE STARBUCKS!!! Purchase certain drinks on certain days and watch the points and your free drinks add up… How awesome is that?!


Wrapping this all up is Google Maps and Safari. I prefer using safari on my iPhone. For me personally, it’s easier to navigate and search my content quicker. Now, on my MacBook, I’m Google Chrome all the way! It’s all a matter of preference and what works best for you. I hope some of this information offers you an idea on certain apps that may meet your needs, or just something new to try. I’m always open to discovering apps, tips or tricks that might work better than my current setup.

Please feel free to leave a comment listing some of your favorite apps. Also, if you have a “What’s on my phone?” blog post, please list your link below! I’d love to read it! 


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